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On-Line UPS - 3 Phases

The OL3DC™ UPS Series is the latest generation of UPS systems from E24 focused on delivering a features-rich, versatile three phase UPS to be compatible with almost every possible application in the range 10 to 80 KVA.

The OL3MD™ UPS Series is a modular and decentralized UPS system specifically conceived to provide the highest levels of reliability while designed to accompany the growth of your business.

The OL3MC™ UPS is a modular and centralized large scale UPS for Industrial,
enterprise applications from 300KVA to 3000KVA.

E24 delivers power protection equipment direct from factory to end-user through its international logistic hubs. E24 assists its clients to properly configure their systems in a manner to optimize return on investment while saving substantial costs.

For small projects, clients may install the systems by themselves. For medium size and large Installations, E24 refers its clients to the nearest E24 authorized installer. Click on the below to download the brochure.


P221E - OL3DC-UPS Series


P223E - OL3MD-UPS Series


P224E - OL3MC-UPS Series

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