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Cables & Accessories

E24 offers proprietary power transmission cables including power wires and fiber in a single flexible conductor purposely designed to simplify the power transmission in rural and district areas while avoiding voltage sags.


E24 offers MV power transmission cables to connect step down transformers as well as the  LV cables connecting subscribers. E24 also provides the entire range of accessories for that purpose.

E24 delivers Energy Transmission equipment from factory to end user through its international logistic hubs. E24 assists its clients to properly configure their systems in a manner to optimize return on investment.

For small projects, clients may install the systems by themselves. For medium size and large Installations, E24 refers its clients to the nearest E24 authorized installer. Click on the below to download the brochure.

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P430E - LV Transmission Cables

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P432E - MV Transmission Cables

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P434E - Overhead Cable Accessories

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